Adding Kevlar to an FRP Laminate Is Not Always the Best Choice

Popular marine industry myth has it that adding a layer or two of Aramid (Kevlar) fibers to a laminate turn it into a super-material, able to sustain with impunity collisions at sea with timber deadheads, steel containers, and other potentially dangerous flotsam.

But, in fact, there are several reasons for not including Aramid fabric in a glass-fiber reinforcement stack, particularly when it comes to building trawler yachts and other vessels intended for cruising. [Read More …]

Published by Phil Friedman

I am a marine Industry and small-business consultant, a professional writer and editor with 1,300+ publications in both print and digital Media, a seminar and keynote speaker, and a former university prof in philosophy and logic. You can find my complete profile details at: .

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