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The Port Royal Group Forum is an outgrowth of the Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners, which was founded in 2010 as a LinkedIn group to provide an marine industry-specific networking and discussion space.

For a number of years, our LinkedIn-based group was an online space where about 1,500 LI members, mostly marine industry professionals, exchanged timely information, shared accumulated experience and expertise, and engaged in some freewheeling and unusually candid discussions. In general, it was informative and a lot of fun.

Then, about four years ago, LinkedIn began to tamper with the structure of Groups in a way that made it difficult to moderate the traffic on our group and almost impossible to keep spam and other annoyances out of the group’s discussion feed. To make a long story short, our group and other industry-specific groups suffered badly because industry professionals don’t have the time to wade through huge piles of bull chips to find a few truffles. So eventually, we began to build this forum as an alternative venue where our original mission could be more fully achieved.

Recently, after years of complaints from and discussions with group owners and managers on LinkedIn, LI announced it is restoring some (though not all) of the critical tools and structure that were removed several years previous. With the result that the situation has improved somewhat, but we still can’t do all of what we want to do in a LinkedIn group. Consequently, we’ve continued with our development here of the Port Royal Group Forum.

To be clear, we’ve retained the LinkedIn-based Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners, and we’re tightening our management of that group in parallel to this PRG Forum venue. As in the past, we’ll continue to post marine-industry insider news, information, and opinion on the LI group. But because that LI-based group is much more limited in what it can offer, we are using it primarily as a gateway or portal to the new venue here. The same applies to the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook).

Members of our LI-based group or our Facebook-based group are eligible to receive a free basic membership in the PRG Forum. So if you are a member of our LI-based group or our Facebook group, do let us know when you join here. And if you’re not a member at either our LI-based group or our Facebook group, it’s worthwhile to join one or both of them because that will qualify you for a free basic membership here.

If after you’ve looked over our introductory content you still have questions, feel free to contact me for answers and more information.

I look forward to hearing from you and to having you join me as a member of the Port Royal Group Forum.

─ Phil Friedman, Editor and Publisher, the PRG Forum

What Some of Our Colleagues Say

As a journalist in specialist subjects … I always turn to [Phil] when seeking advice and sound comment. He understands his subject matter and is an expert in his field of superyacht consultancy.

Michael Howorth – The Howorths Maritime Travel Writing and Photography

Phil has the innate ability to understand not only how to properly position a product … but also the ability to take high tech mumbo jumbo and make features, advantages, and benefits resonate.

Wanda Kenton Smith – Marketing and Public Relations

Having been involved with large yacht building … I understand [Phil’s] Ten Golden Rules better than most. It’s the most sensible advice I have read and is essential reading for all involved.

Harry Jorgenson, Jorgensen Marine Ltd, Auckland, NZ

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