Marine Masterminds Online™

Marine Masterminds Online™ is an evolution of the concept first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. adapted to the marine industry and our contemporary age of telecommunications.

The key objective of MMO is to help all the members of a group find solutions to their respective operational and business problems by pooling the expertise and experience of the group’s members in a cooperative and non-competitive environment.

MMO is built upon a foundation of peer-to-peer mentoring in the context of small groups of 4 to 10 members who meet in a one- or two-hour online video teleconference at regular intervals, typically monthly but sometimes semi-monthly depending on the particular group’s interests, needs, and schedule constraints.

We handle all of the scheduling and logistics involved in forming these groups and conducting the meetings. We also provide a suitable peer Master Facilitator to assure that everything runs seamlessly on a fully turn-key basis. All you need to do is attend … and benefit from the interactions and the camaraderie that inevitably develops.

Why join a Marine Mastermind Online™ group?


An MMO group provides you with peer support and encouragement from colleagues who are facing or have faced the same or similar challenges as you.


Moreover, because MMO groups are industry-specific, members can help brainstorm strategies and solutions specific to your problems and issues.


And because MMO groups are small and intimate and professionally guided, the time you invest with them yields high returns.

As a marine industry owner or upper-level executive, an MMO group affords you the opportunity to receive objective feedback, valuable guidance, and collegial support on an ongoing basis through direct engagement with high caliber peers in the marine industry.

As well, It’s much more than simply refreshing to bounce your ideas off colleagues who are not directly connected to your business on a day-to-day basis. Indeed, the insight to be gained from third parties external to your usual circle frequently proves invaluable and invariably stimulates possibilities for a brighter business future.

MMO groups are breeding grounds for solutions that work and strategies that carry you across the goal line. A large part of their value derives from our ability to put the right mix of participants together. Our goal is to always maximize the potential of a group to be of serious benefit to all its members.

How does it work?

After you’ve expressed interest, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire to helps us determine your interests, needs and, just as important, what you can offer to others. We also ask whether you’ll be most comfortable in a really small group or prefer a somewhat larger one. The minimum group size is 4 plus an MMO facilitator, while the maximum is 10 plus a facilitator. Factors such as how long you’ve been in your business and what your level of responsibility are taken into account.

Once we’ve identified a group that’s a good fit for you, we send you an anonymous group profile to see if you want to go ahead. Then, when we have assent from all prospective group members, we officially constitute the group, coordinate the setting a meeting schedule that works for all members, and help everyone with preparations for a seamless teleconferencing experience (if it’s an online group). Finally, we convene the initial meeting, get to know one another, lay out a preliminary agenda for the group, and agree on a rotation of leadership for subsequent meetings. (For the record, MMO accepts research that has indicated mastermind groups are more successful when the meeting leadership rotates among the group’s members.)

Because we believe in meticulous preparation, the process from expression of interest to first meeting can take from a couple of weeks to several. Not a long time when you consider that a Marine Masterminds Online group is set up to yield stable, longer-term benefit to its members.

Your privacy is important to us. All contact and correspondence between you and MMO and between you and members of your MMO group is treated on a strictly confidential basis. And what transpires during the MMO meetings stays in the MMO meetings by mutual agreement.

What does it cost?

The cost per member depends on the size of the group and the length and frequency of the meetings. The online program costs less, particularly when you factor in the travel and lodging costs incurred in connection with an out-site package ─ which we will arrange on a custom basis when a particular group requests it.

Contact us directly for more detailed pricing and the profiles of groups currently being formed.

Let’s solve some problems together …